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Warmly welcome at Visegrád!

Dear guests!

Come to Visegrádra! Visegrad is the gem of the Danube bend which was the seat and hunting area of the Hungarian kings in the middle ages. It lies on the shore of Danube circled by forests in he lap of mountains.

The town and the historical relic has been one of the most popular excursionist and vacasionist place. The visitors are touched by the spirit of the town without consciously noticing it. This effect is radiated from the enthralling beautiful landscape and the harmonic unit of reach historical and artistic relics.

You can enjoy the nice and healthy environment from where you can reach the sight-worthies of the towns of the vicinity: Szentendre, Esztergom, Szob, Vác and Budapest. You are warmly welcomed with your family and friends in hour comfortable boarding-house. The environment and the equipment of the house provide comfortable staying for our guests.

The Danube river can be reached with a 10 minutes comfortable walking from our apartments via the center of the town!

Zeller Tiborné